Why I started studying English

Guiding Sightseers around Historical Nagasaki

Nagasaki is a popular tourist destination for a large number of international visitors from various countries even now. As Nagasaki, a city with a long history of cultural exchange, has a lot of tourist sites including world heritage listed sites, I sometimes see tourists who have lost their way, looking around bewildered.

In the past, the experience left me feeling disappointed, because I always wanted to tell them the right way to their destination, but couldn't because I didn't speak English at all.

After retiring a little early from the company that I was working at, I finally decided to start studying English as a hobby. Since then over 20 years have passed. I'm still not completely satisfied with my ability to communicate in English, but I am at least able to show visitors the way now. I find helping others to be a source of happiness and satisfaction in life.