Why I started studying English

A Broader Perspective

I always wanted to travel overseas and admire beautiful scenery and architecture. I also thought to learn about the history of many countries and cultures. So, I guess you could say I started studying English in order to talk to the local people at the travel destinations.

I am a big fan of fantasy literature, for example, Peter Rabbit, so I was very excited to visit the home of the author which happened to be the setting of the story, too. It was amazing for me to visit the lake district in the U.K. on my own.

I'm also a big fan of Harry Potter. I was able to visit the filming locations and sets seen in the films, for example the church which was used as the huge banquet hall in the film, Platform 9 and three quarters at Kings Cross Station and the restaurant where J.K. Rowlings wrote her manuscripts.

Being able to speak English has allowed me to go around foreign countries freely according to my own plans without relying on packaged tours. This was one of the main motivations to learn English for me and has given me great pleasure in life.